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If you are interested in either serving on some of the following ministries or becoming a coordinator as a position becomes available, please contact the Parish Council Laison or the parish office during office hours.

Spiritual Life:

These ministries help with our Sunday, Holyday, and weekday Masses, and our other prayer experiences.

Committees within this Ministry are as follows:​


  • Liturgy Committee- Coordinator: Fr. Julius Abuh

  • Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

  • Communion to the Sick and Homebound

  • Reader- Coordinator: Ben Swiderek (423) 420-6609

  • Usher- Coordinator: Bob Clowers (423) 506-9251

  • Altar Server- Coordinator: Fr. Julius Abuh

  • Sacristan- Assigned for each Mass

  • Liturgical Music- Coordinator: 

                                        4 pm- Dan Callan (423)884-6760

                                        8 am- Marion Croker (423) 420-0135

                                       10 am- Jodi Swiderek (423) 420-6609

  • Art and Environment- Coordinator: Rebecca Sneed (865) 898-2108

  • 12:30 pm Mass- Coordinator: Jose Aguilera (423) 337-1155

  • Ecumenism Committee

  • Adoration (Holy Hour)

Parish Pastoral Council:

This council is responsible for supporting our Pastor in the discernment of our parish needs and how to respond to those needs now and into the future. Membership is through appointment by the pastor and is for a 3-year term.

Finance Committee:

This committee is responsible for assuring the financial well-being of our parish. This includes overseeing budgets, audits, capital spending, and the like. The Finance Committee reports to the pastor and Parish Pastoral Council. Membership is through appointment by the pastor.


This ministry helps those interested in knowing more about living as a follower of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church.

Committees within this ministry are as follows:


  • Religious Education of the Youth

  • Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.)

  • Youth Group

  • Vacation Bible School

Social Action:

Being part of Jesus Christ's call to reach out to those in need.


  • The Good Shepherd Center- Coordinator: Margaret Cummings (423) 884-3882

  • Pro-Life- Coordinator: Norbert St. Pierre (423) 368-3046

  • Haiti

  • Disaster Relief

  • Catholic Charities

  • Feed My Sheep

  • Food Baskets- Coordinator: Knights of Columbus

Family Life:

This ministry helps strengthen parish family life.

Committees within this ministry are as follows:


  • House Blessings- Coordinator: Fr. Julius Abuh

  • Sunshine Committee/ Prayer Chain- Coordinator: Sue MacDuff (423) 420-1828

  • Vocations- Coordinator: Position Available

  • Bereavement- Coordinator: Barbara Callan (423) 884-6760

Parish Life:

This ministry supports community life and spirit of hospitality within the parish.

Committees within this ministry are as follows:


  • Women's Group- President: Barbara Callan (423) 884-6760

  • Hispanic Committee- Coordinator: Jose Aguilera (423) 337-1155

  • Sunday Socials- Coordinator: By sign up for 8 am and 10 am

  • Welcome Committee- Coordinator: Position Available

  • Knights of Columbus- Coordinator: Ed Harless (423) 884-2575


This ministry supports the activities of the parish.

Committees within this ministry are as follows:


  • Money Counter- Dottie Evens

  • Stewardship Committee

  • Public Relations

  • Photographer

  • Office Assistance - Darla Carlock

  • Facilities Maintenance- Coordinator: Darla Carlock

  • Interior Cleaning of Parish Church, Parish Hall, and Education Building- Darla Carlock


Key Contacts:


  • Parish Pastoral Council: President: Barbara Callan (423) 884-6760

  • Parish Finance Committee: Stan Liponoga

  • Catholic Women's Group: Barbara Callan (423) 884-6760

  • Youth Group:

  • Religious Education: Jan Dye

  • R.C.I.A.: Mike Huffor (423) 371-5816

  • Hispanic Ministry: Jose Aguilera (423) 337-1155

  • Knights of Columbus: Ed Harless (423) 884-2575


If you would like to manage your charitable gifts through a one-time or recurring online donation please click the link below.


To become a volunteer with one of these ministries or groups,

contact the office by telephone

or email Monday through Friday between 9:30 am and 1:00 pm.

Parish Council Minutes 

October 2022

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