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Parish Service

This ministry supports parish operations and administrative duties.


  • Finance Committee- Stan Liponoga

  • Parish Pastoral Committee- President: Barbara Callan

  • Facilities Maintenance- Coordinator: Mary Beavers

  • Website Manager- Madlen Conley

  • Administrative Duties

    • Money Counter- Dottie Evens

    • Stewardship Committee

    • Public Relations

    • Photographer

    • Office Assistance - Claudia Brazeau

    • Facilities Maintenance- Coordinator: Claudia Brazeau

    • Interior Cleaning of Parish Church, Parish Hall, and Education Building- Claudia Brazeau

SJTW Finance Committee


This committee is responsible for assuring the financial well-being of our parish. This includes overseeing budgets, audits, capital spending, and the like. The Finance Committee reports to the pastor and Parish Pastoral Council. Membership is through appointment by the pastor. 

President- Stan Liponoga (423) 884- 3685

Dan Cullen-

Marcy Cummings-

Randy Stakes-

Richard Burris-

Parish Pastoral Committee

Image by krakenimages

This council is responsible for supporting our Pastor in the discernment of our parish needs and how to respond to those needs now and into the future. Membership is through appointment by the pastor and is for a 3-year term.

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